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It seems complicated. Is it difficult to use?

Yes, the underlying algorithms and technology are very complicated and sophisticated but years went into making sure we could harness this technology so literally anyone can apply it. In addition, remember you’ll have access to the world's leading experts on conversion to help you. Plus, if you want we’ll even do it for you.

Do I need a lot of traffic?

While very true for “other testing systems”, Visiopt™ makes this into an old myth. Our proprietary algorithm compresses the test results. Put simply it accurately predicts not only which version of your test works best but how all the pieces of your site work best together to maximize conversions and profits. All while needing very little traffic.

Does it take much time?

If you have 10 minutes a week and want to increase your profits exponentially than you have the time.

Do you have a minute a day to leverage the biggest asset you have in your business?

You see, setting up a new test can be done in as little as a minute with simple point and click. We can guarantee you that there is nothing you do in your business… no activity which yields as great a return on investment as Visiopt™.

Heck you don’t even have to pay attention. Visiopt™ will send you an email and text when the test is done.

What if I don’t have a large staff?

Great. You don’t need it. Do it yourself in as little as a minute or two a week. Have staff. Great train them and have them run tests constantly for you while you site back and monitor. You know what… don’t monitor it… Visiopt™ will send you an email and text when the test is completed.

What if I don’t have the expertise or experience testing?

You don’t need it. We’ve made it so easy my 10 year set up a sophisticated test. Plus you have the world's top experts on this algorithm and technology. And it gets even better, we’ll even do it for you if you want. Completely hands off you can get the world's best minds on input and experimental design. In simple terms... You have access to the world's top experts on setting up tests that increase your conversions and make you more money.

What if we already run split tests? Isn't this the same thing?

Great. At least your doing something. That’s more than most. The problem is that you have no idea how these various items you are testing work together as group. Did you know if all you are doing is split testing you could actually be hurting your conversions? Visiopt™ will analyze relationships … so you know all the pieces of the puzzle.

In addition, while you’re doing your split test your competition using Visiopt™ has just completed 253 split tests with the same amount of traffic.

Which side of the fence do you want to be on?

How do we know the tests are accurate?

We don’t blame you. Too many systems just aren’t accurate. With Visiopt™ we’ve spent time and money to ensure that the statistics we use are accurate. We publish details right in our system. In addition, our algorithms are all exact to that produced by the original… Dr. Kowolick.

Do Multivariate tests even work?

This is just the type of urban legends and myths that we love our competitors to believe :)

First this is much more than a multivariate test. This is Visiopt's Smart Relational Algorythm™.

And we can assure you that OUR type of multivariate tests work like gangbusters.

So why do you believe they don’t work...

  • Maybe you used a type of multivariate test that required too much traffic. Other systems require so much traffic that even the largest sites can’t get accurate results. Remember Visiopt™ is very different and requires significantly less traffic.

  • Maybe the system you used just wasn’t reliable. Remember our algorithms and statistical analysis have been proven to be reliable and accurate.

  • Lastly, maybe you just did it wrong. Input is important. In fact we haven’t seen other people accurately talk about some of our proven methodologies for proper input design.

Let's put it this way. You’ve heard the saying Garbage in —> Garbage out, right?

Well with Visiopt™ you put Garbage in you’ll still get better garbage out… meaning you’ll learn and become more profitable even if you screw up your inputs.

But Learn from us and you’ll get diamonds out.

Is This Taguchi? I’ve heard that doesn't work.

No. Taguchi is designed for manufacturing plants, this is a special algorithm that took the power of Taguchi and transformed it to work accurately and predictably for marketing campaigns.

There is only a handful of people in the world that learned from the creator of this algorithm. David is one of them. Our founder Scott Zetlan was one of only a handful of students that studies with David.

For the past 15 years they’ve been perfecting and creating the systems to harness the incredible power of this powerful technology.

Check out some of the case studies here.

What if we already use another testing system?

There are certainly testing systems out there but none that use and or apply our proprietary algorithms, expertise and technologies in the same way Visiopt™ has. In addition where else do you get direct access to the people that brought CRO to the internet?

We're accepting a small amount of businesses that can benefit the most from Visiopt™. Businesses that want to better the world through their products and services. And the best way to do this is to maximize your conversions and profits.

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